Experience Robotic PCI


Corindus provides a number of course offerings to physicians who are interested in starting a CorPath Vascular Robotic
Program. Each GRX Live course is held at a renowned cardiovascular center with a world-class robotic program and is proctored by a skilled robotic interventionalist.


Foundations Lab

The Foundations Lab is designed to familiarize
participants with the operations and capabilities of
robotic PCI by providing a combination of
didactic education, live case observation and robotic
operations simulation. This course is conducted at
designated training sites and proctored by selected
CorPath Robotic interventionalists.

Robotic Skills Lab

The Robotic Skills lab is a one-of-a-kind experience to test
drive the most advanced robotic PCI platform. This course
combines the Robotic Foundations Lab and a hands-on component to give the participant a complete user experience.

This is a one day event divided into two programs:

1. Observe an active CorPath Robotic Program at a designated training site.

2. Participate in a unique workshop for a hands-on introduction to Robotic PCI.



View our upcoming course dates or contact your local Corindus Sales Representative to reserve your seat. Space is limited.