Case Library


CorPath GRX

Case Review 1: Robotic-Assisted PCI of Type C Lesion with In-Stent Restenosis in Tortuous Circumflex

Case Review 2: Robotic-Assisted Transradial PCI OF LAD Lesion Utilizing Heartflow® FFRCT Analysis

Case Review 3: Robotic-Assisted Transradial PCI OF RCA Bifurcation Lesion


CorPath 200

Case Review 1: Successful PCI of RCA Total Occlusion with Robotic Assistance and Right Radial Access

Case Review 2: Successful CorPath PCI and Stenting of OM2 in Setting of AMI

Case Review 3: Robotic-Assisted PCI in Complex Double Balloon PTCA / LAD Stent Case


Taped Case 1: The World's First-in-Human Telerobotic Coronary Intervention

Taped Case 2: Hybrid Robotic-assisted CTO

Taped Case 3: Complex Robotic-assisted PCI

Taped Case 4: Remote Robotic-assisted PCI

Taped Case 5: Complex Robotic PCI – Live Case at SCAI 2018

Taped Case 6: Complex Multivessel Robotic PCI

Taped Case 7: Left Radial Robotic PCI

Taped Case 8: China Interventional Therapeutics 2017

Taped Case 9: TCT Asia-Pacific