Super Users


Course Description

The Robotic Super User Training course is an immersive hands-on workshop. Participants experience multiple opportunities to demonstrate skills necessary to support a highly effective robotic program, including troubleshooting and workflow best practices.

At the conclusion of the workshop attendees will create an individual written plan of action to execute upon return to their facility in order to increase the effectiveness of their CorPath program.

Course Training Objectives

  1. 1 Learn troubleshooting skills to become more efficient with CorPath GRX
  2. 2 Develop advanced-level techniques for Complex PCI and CTO procedures
  3. 3 Share best practices between Super Users
  4. 4 Equip attendees to train others in their facility

Target Audience

Dynamic staff LEADERS in their respective cardiovascular labs with the ability to translate learnings from the SuperUser course to help drive cath lab efficiency and improve the lives of patients through vascular robotics. This includes RN, RT, CVT, RCIS, etc.