On-demand Webinars


CorPath GRX Fellowship Curriculum: Session II
Eric Wyffels, MD
Konstantinos Bermpeis, MD

CorPath GRX Fellowship Curriculum: Session I*
J. Aaron Grantham, MD

Robotic PCI Best Practices: Insights from Super Users
Ashley Koppenheffer, RCIS, CVT

Implementing Advanced Automation in Global PCI Practice
Prof. Holger Nef, Prof. Helge Möllmann,
Arif Al Nooryani, MD, Ryan Madder, MD

Robotic Interventions: Experience and Feasibility Across Diverse Vascular Beds
Jon George, MD
Jaime Gomez, MD

Vascular Robotic Experience: A Case Series Including a COVID-19 Patient
Pedro Lemos, MD, PhD
José Mariani Junior, MD, PhD

How Strong Team Dynamics in the Cath Lab Contribute to Better Patient Care
Ashley Koppenheffer, RCIS, CVT

Robotics & Procedural Distancing in the Time of COVID-19
Jon George, MD

New Clinical Findings on Robotic PCI & Patient Radiation Reduction
Tejas Patel, MD

Vascular Robotics: Current and Future

Ryan Madder, MD


Disclaimer: *The opinions stated in this webinar are those of the physicians and not necessarily those of Corindus/Siemens Healthineers. Refer to the CorPath GRX Operator's Manual for device compatibility.